Excruciatingly bad coffee saved by a bag of exceptional M&Ms, KFC as the only remotely edible source of consumption, and outrages against drivers cruising less than 200kph sums up the majority of the trip from Berlin to Bruxelles. But as backs stretch in anticipation of destination, Calgary switches to Sunset and the lyrics draw two old friends into the outskirts of the city, the sun blushing the Belgian skies. “…I always thought it was a shame / That we have to play these games / It felt like you really knew me / Now it feels like you see through me…” Another trip comes into mind, listening to yet another XX song; another time with other friends and a star-constructed river flowing through the night sky. Memory lane, the past superimposes onto the present. But now stuck in a Virilian dromosphere the lyrics – always the lyrics – draws the six hour cinematic experience to a close and closer to a chilled glass and a delicious dinner.