Sharing the wood floored atelier above Avenue Louise 134 with PieceOfChic featured in our last VOIX article, is yet another duo team running the graphic design studio, Stoëmp. Gaetano and Wojciech come across as an incredible force and their love for living life is quite apparent through the INTERVIEW BELOW. Why even their studio name is gastronomically influenced! Let’s have a look…

+ Wojciech, Gaetano, hot rumour has it you two enjoy some mega beers. Any specifics in particular ?
-Stoëmp | Belgium is the beer’s kingdom! For everyday, we love drinking Jupiler and sometimes Wojciech likes a good fresh Orval or a Green Duvel. But Gaetano at heart goes for Ricard on the rocks.

+ Sto(e)mping around your studio, I also noticed you two use Marshall headphones at your desks. What music comes pounding through them of late?
-Stoëmp | It’s true we are music lovers, especially Wojciech. For the moment we are listening to the last album of The Mighty Progerians – Degeneration

+ Who or what has been your most influential source of inspiration?
-Stoëmp | ALT studio !!! (private joke)

In fact we find inspiration every day, a joke with a friend…or after 172 hours of blogging. Other graphic designers inspire us too; we really love the work of a couple of other studios like Deutsche & Japaner, Kyle Poff,…It’s cool to see good work. It motivates us to work harder.

+ What are your backgrounds and how did you chose Bruxelles as Stoëmp’s host city?
-Stoëmp | Our background is relatively “simple” – we studied 3 years of graphic design at the Art School here in Brussels. But we believe you learn more in real life than in school. We love to reuse the phrase “experience is the best teacher” (from Nas). We chose Brussels as Stoëmp’s host city because we did all our education here, and now our new roots are here.

+ If I remember correctly, both of you are foreigners to Belgium. Would you ever move Stoëmp to a new headquarters?
-Stoëmp | Like we said before, we chose Brussels because we have our lives here. But it’s a perfect spot for business because we are in middle of Europe, in less than two hours we can be in…London, Paris… We think this strategic place could open more possibilities in the future.

+ What does the name “Stoëmp” mean?
-Stoëmp | Stoemp is an original dish from Brussels of mixed vegetables and smashed potatoes with sausages. We chose that name during our studies years ago, one more way to affirm our new Belgian roots and explain our view of graphic design in one word.

+ You describe yourselves as “a platform.” In what way?
-Stoëmp | In our work we have a lot of different requests. Two men can’t answer them all, but we love the challenge and we love discovering new horizons with different people. Every project is specific, so we need to have a large network to make a good project. In fact it’s like a stoemp – the more ingredients you put in, the better it is.

+ What do you enjoy doing in the city when not at work?
-Stoëmp | Going out, eating good meals, taking drinks with friends, without forgetting to spend time with our girlfriends.

+ And finally, your favourite spot in Bruxelles!
-Stoëmp | DNA Bar – It’s the best place for alternative music and meeting multicultural people. But we also spend a lot of time at Supra Bar.

+ Wojciech, Gaetano, it’s been a pleasure! Now…time for that Ricard ey?