This is an extremely sad confession – the dry cleaners in Berlin stole a vintage burgundy and gold Christian Dior pocket square, a gift from a dear friend. You see, in times past, the “gentlemen” – including my father – prided themselves in personal collections of handkerchiefs and pocket squares. This etiquette, I believe was forgotten for a time by the masses, except for the rare few. But it seems the pocket square is making a noticeable return of late. Why take a look at even Zara’s new Winter-Fall collection. Almost all their “tailored” coats (or should I say Chinese mass productions?) come with trickster pocket squares. That is to say they’re conveniently sewn in and thus frustratingly unremovable should you wish to use an ACTUAL pocket square. However it is a stab in the right direction, so perhaps forgivable.

Point being, it’s been three months since THE pocket square’s been nicked and high time to find a new one. Though irreplaceable, Massimo Dutti provides a lovely alternative to compliment my suits. Originally launched in 1985 for menswear but later (1992) incorporating women’s couture, Massimo Dutti prides itself on “dedication, quality and combination.” With such an expectation, GabrielDesigns is now in possession of a navy and burgundy piece that’ll make a public debut at the Goodwood Revival next week!