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+ MBFWB AW14 Recap

+ MBFWB AW14 Recap

To prep for the week, the whiskeys at NEU! Bar were appropriately clean and vanilla smooth – perhaps too much so. Despite the pains of waking the following morning, a bit of gourmet coffee clears the brain and so started the HIEN LE show – the 10am opening runway for the latest Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week...
+ MBFW Berlin Have a Laugh

+ MBFW Berlin Have a Laugh

LAUGH – (verb) To express certain emotions, especially mirth or delight, by a series of spontaneous, usually unarticulated sounds often accompanied by corresponding facial and bodily movements. To see, and more importantly to BE seen – seems to be the theme for those attending MBFW Berlin, more of a party than a serious intake of...
+ MBFW - LALA Berlin

+ MBFW – LALA Berlin

+ MBFW - Issever Bahri

+ MBFW – Issever Bahri

Bahri’s collection was an unexpected surprise that embraced visual comfort and opulence. Midnight blues were paired with graphite and blacks but hardly stagnant. Silk ran like gleaming waters held together by the heavier touch of knit fabrics. Forceful yet elegant, coursed with drama, the show gave the impression of pulsating energy just on the edge...
+ MBFW - Karaleev

+ MBFW – Karaleev

Where his previous show was a dark and brooding lineup of intricate drapes and tectonics, this year, he seems to depict the “contemporary woman,” easily seen on 6th ave. A solid collection, no doubts at all, very metropolitan.
+ MBFW – PerretSchaad

+ MBFW – PerretSchaad

This year, Wrangelstrasse 5 took our lenses to backstage for PerretSchaad‘s MBFW A/W 2012 show. Over three hours full of stress and nervousness, a model running late, the designers feeling as if they’ve forgotten something important, rehearsals, makeups, etc. It’s a whole different world than the surge of champagne-drinking fashionistas anticipating in the lounge. This...