What happened? Did models dissipate or fall ill past the plus one level? This is the infamous Patrick Mohr + Reebok show is it not? I squeeze into a packed room that resemble more of a half baked party with a few sneakers on white pedestals. Fashion or even a exhibition concept is embarrassingly absent in contradiction to the promotional invite that peeled me away from the MBFW tent to a hyped off-site location. Was I interested in Reebok shoes, I would have gone to a boutique. I came for a PLUS show.

Oh but that’s subterranean? Jungle bird sounds echo harshly against the concrete cellar tunnels that hold seven fashion pieces. The only indication of a collaboration with Reebok is a jailed up heap of white sneakers in a rubbish pile afront one coat. The remainder is a scant array of red-eyed aliens garbed in black. Truth be told, was I informed that this was to be a Berliner party with free booze attended by the local hipsters, that is what I would have gladly showed up for. But a bit far fetched to use fashion as a disguise for a Halloween Party come early.