Jan 15th to the 18th. Four days of fashion observations. The tent is a strange place were I’ve noted people to hug and kiss FW acquaintances they hardly know. And where they avoid like the plague the ones they actually do know…strange. I stay with my trio of knowns and have a fantastic blast. But I still do have the opportunity to catch up with a few familiar faces including Mieze Schmuckermeier, the designer of Berlin’s Fashion-Hackers label, London-based fashion blogger Minnie Seibt and fellow blogger Anja Gasser. I had a tremendous time with the jazzy groove of HOLY GHOST, being pleasantly surprised by that young design team.

To wrap up the event, Friday calls for a morning rush to the ISSEVER BAHRI show but is followed by coffee and a few rounds of “frooze” (free booze). Hunger calls and we duck over to Neuk├Âlln for a laid back brunch of scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, and rosemary mushrooms. The coffee is fabulous but we revert back to prosecco – every brunch requires this ingredient, it is a known fact. I return to Brandenburger Tor mid afternoon in spectacular spirits, ready to jump into the remaining shows. Linking up with some dear friends, we exit the KARALEEV show and eventually grab our coats to walk out the doors of MBFW Berlin. Later in the evening, we find ourselves in a Kreuzberg dive where my brain – aware of my plight – suggests a bier, but my voice of desire orders: gimme a double of Laphroaig!

Oh traitorous heart!