Dear Interconnected Net:

The sun rises. No that’s not quite correct. Let’s start over.

It’s getting light out, the sun must be up. Then the day continues as portrayed in the above photo. Thereafter, the dimmer is lowered and night reigns. The banality of the greyness is strangely comforting. Brits are always going on about the weather aren’t they…and why bother? It’s perpetually the same. But I must admit, it’s quite reliable. They might be onto something….

I quit reposing and enter productivity mode. As my hosts return today, I go on a massive cleaning spree. Wipe down the grease pervading the kitchen. I even consult the hoover. I take needle and thread and re-sew the stitchings on my brogue boots. Though dirt covered, the leather is worn and soft to the touch. I do the wash. While the machine whirls and tumbles on the 40 degrees Eco setting, I exercise my brain for the day reading a witty piece in the New Yorker regarding The Second Amendment. A shower is in order and as usual I put on a shirt and tie. You might say this is absurd – knowing I plan on reposing again – but I go through the motions, precisely because fashion has a strange effect on the psyche. At the very least, it has the power to put one in a different state of mind.

Retiring to the sofa, I concern roughly twelve minutes with mindlessly flipping through several hundred channels on the tele. It’s amazing how quick one can flip through the tele. But then Facebook calls, and as we all know, one can waste hours in this irritable vice. Which has suddenly – in the middle of all the greyness outside – revealed a strange twist in social patterns. It SEEMS people are starting 2013 with a hiatus from Facebook. In 24 hours, three have already dropped unannounced from my not-so-extensive list. Now you might argue, “you have no friends mate, you suck!” But I assure you, this is not the case. Several others have voiced a similar observation of receding Facebook members, so I’m apparently not the only one to notice this strange paradigm shift. Perhaps it was a VIP-only New Years 2013 Resolution Initiative which us plebs didn’t receive Facebook Invites to.

Perhaps, Perhaps.

Not that I’ve anything against this movement. I have after all, existed for thirteen months without Facebook in the past. It was rather…rejuvenating, yes…to be disconnected from the milieu of useless updates and suggestions, drunken posts, and pointless emotionally detached conversations spewed out over the “interconnected net.” Rubbish Data.

Much like this post ey? Agreeably, next week promises a bit of sun. Therefore, I aim for a bit of street photography from the sidewalks of London and I wish you all FORMER-Facebook users, a pleasant rejuvenation era.

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero!

Yours Truly,