Haberdasher (noun) \ˈha-bə(r)-ˌda-shər\ – a dealer in men’s clothing and accessories

Over a year ago, I chanced across a posting on Trashness of a Drakes paired with an Ascot Chang. I’ve been on the hunt since for a paisley piece.

Though the chase is still on, the search along with random doses of migratory plane hopping led me to STAG AUSTIN where I picked up this elegant find with the words “Yours Till Niagra Falls” hand sewn into the back. A little digging revealed a renovated tire factory in Philadelphia, now housing FORAGE HABERDASHERY – dealers, or rather creators, of men’s accessories. Stephen Loidolt and Shauna Alterio are the duo to blame for scrounging up custom textiles, fabric remnants, and deadstock to artfully compose these neatly packaged gentlemen’s neckwear.

Hopefully a VOIX article will be in order some day if the opportunity poses itself?