The key is PONZU sauce. Derived from the aromatic yuzu citrus, ponzu sauce is the key to a glorious Saturday afternoon BBQ, and impossible to find in Berlin. Thankfully a source just returned from the faraway nation called The States, wielding a bottle of this delicious and magically tangy weapon. For the burger, you know the ingredients. Make the meat however you please, slice the vegetables as you will, and hear the rewarding sizzzzlllle as the paddies meet their destiny, branded with grill marks. The juice soon starts to trickle out, hissing on glowing coals. Melt a bit of cheddar on top, heat the bread, and construct your Tower of Babel Burger on your plate, and here for the grand finale: drizzle the Ponzu. With a cold Brooklyn Brew (which incidentally could be picked up at Alexanderplatz Galeria Kaufhof for a whopping 3 Euros per bottle) or a 2007 Crianza, happiness abounds for Saturday evening.