Every so often, I come across a watch that takes my breathe away. Say what you want, you know it’s true as well. That’s why “the watch” is on your wrist…or you wish it were. So I scrambled for my camera when Jon Kleinhample – the wood loving maniac behind LMBRJK – sauntered out of the bathroom swinging a Pro Leagues baseball bat. You know, criminal evidence should my brain be the receiving end of the wooden club.

But all thoughts froze when I spied the matte black casing and beige dial markers of the TSOVET SVT-LX73 wrapped around his wrist. David Bonaventure is the man to be credited behind this Swiss made creation representing industrial manufacturing, avionics instrumentation, and automotive inspirations. Whether you’re wielding an American baseball bat or suited up for the day’s business, TSOVET is key to the time piece collections of any gentleman.