“…future politicians in white campaign uniforms and boating hats march about chanting: ‘Every-BODY vote for Dan, he is every-BODY’s man!‘ while the ladies at The Telegraph wearing cotton overalls and classic driving hats threaten the day’s paper to be sold out within the hour. Lord March, himself present at the fair in an immaculate double-breasted coat, writes: ‘Whatever they tell you today, history is full of mavericks with polished shoes and a sharp crease in their trousers and rebels with a collar that stands in the right way and a well pressed jacket.‘ In response, the gentlemen today are from all corners of relevant history. The clean-shaven RAF Air Crew uniforms seem to multiply but the tough and dashing Teddy Boy is a favoured look this year as well. There is also no end to hunting or riding tweeds and others like myself lean towards the Rat Pack’s slim-tie and suit combination of the 60s. The Racing Driver look is championed by the young boys running about in white racing overalls, goggles resting over their small driving caps.” – Excerpt taken from “Super Sonic at Goodwood” – mb! by Mercedes-Benz