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+ sunday morning

+ sunday morning

When December came I was older And snow was finally on the ground Soldiers lining up, cameras feeding the world With pictures that would mark my mind I heard his woman scream as she was begging for trust Then turning ghost-like behind the court A shotgun blast, as new years passed Oppression was on the...
+ new book

+ new book

From Freunde von Freunden comes a book that belongs on your desk / library / coffee table. It’s a piece that incites inspirations, conversations, laughs, and good memories.
+ back into Port

+ back into Port

+ tweed and silk

+ tweed and silk



+ MBFW - Indian Designers

+ MBFW – Indian Designers

If you ever need a stylish cloak to look mystifying in, talk to Indian fashion designer Kallol Datta who exhibited his collection at MBFW this year.
+ MBFW - In the Tent V

+ MBFW – In the Tent V

January in Berlin isn’t the most agreeable of weathers. But the rain and cold didn’t stop us at MBFWB from looking our fashionable best! I think my favorite moment in the past four days was seeing the wide brimmed hat being escorted through the rain.
+ MBFW - In the Tent IV

+ MBFW – In the Tent IV

+ MBFW - In the Tent III

+ MBFW – In the Tent III

The disastrous consequences of letting an Irish photo-artist infiltrate the free-beer fashion tent during MBFW. They will even don a fur vest while preaching vegan philosophies for the wandering photographers in search of a subject to shoot.
+ MBFW - Hien Le

+ MBFW – Hien Le

The details from the Hein Le Studio show at the Merecedes-Benz Fashion Week A/W 2012. Not a wild presentation, but understated, elegant, and stylish. Note the one-button cuff detail, an all-time favorite of GabrielDesigns. With guest critic Steph Eisenkolb, we had a fantastic time darting in between the models to grab these shots.
+ Dark Light Color

+ Dark Light Color

For you Berliners with a taste in fashion, check out our newest contact, the charismatic Sophie Schmuckermeier, founder of fashion-blog: DARK LIGHT COLOR. She provides a visual insight into the fashion and trends of daily Berlin. “It’s all about the picture…and of course a bit of gossip!!” A recent graduate of the Akademie Mode &...


In Darkness All Colors Agree – is the slogan of Danish luxury fashion house NOIR, designed by Tilde Bjerregaard. The closing act to this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, NOIR represents masterful tailoring, quality fabrics, and slender silhouettes, all within a timeless yet modern touch. This year, the collection is inspired the image of a...