October 13 2009, I left. When did you leave? But it’s not a city you can entirely forget is it? Because you’re remembering the guttering rush of the metro aren’t you? You’re smiling at the skyline of city lights reflected down onto the river aren’t you? You’re tasting the coffee at that little spot where you can sip your cortado and watch the people pass by right? You’re recalling the feel of the mag in your hands, knowing something good will jump out of it once you reach a park bench and flip it open aren’t you? You’re remembering that long gone wine bar under the bridge aren’t you? You’re feeling Saturday morning in bed with the sunlight streaming in aren’t you?

For all those moments and so much more, a drawing is slowly coming together. These are unfinished moments.

So you New Yorkers, New York lovers, Ex-New Yorkers, Brooklynites, all of you with NYC/Brooklyn moments – what should I title this piece? New York isn’t mine, I leave it up to you. Post a comment below.