With small exceptions, Motorsports and Fashion for the most part doesn’t seem to mix these days. But there once was a time when “driving” meant something more than just engines and shells and muscles. It was a time when gentlemen donned on leather driving gloves, racing caps, driving goggles, shirts with tartan elbow patches, tailored suits, and silk scarves. Just recently, for three days at Mille Miglia 2012, the world saw glimpses of such timeless classiness represented by the likes of Bugatti, Ferrari, BMW, Aston Martin, Ermini, and Alpha Romeo. As Mercedes-Benz (entering the race with beautiful SSKs and SLs, even a historic 300 SLR driven by the legendary Jochen Mass) explains, the Mille Miglia has “far more to do with the spirit of the people than with the actual technicalities of the race.” Nonetheless, engines are roaring to life and the clock’s ticking, so make sure to wind up those chronographs. The checkered flag is waiting at the Via Venezia finish line!

For the full experience, see mb! by Mercedes-Benz as well as Mercedes-Benz for the official narrative.