The definition of breakfast versus brunch is a tricky one. With the weekend in possible view, I put this to the question. So…in my extensively knowledgeable experience, BREAKFAST is a transitory/ephemeral experience, usually categorized by stress and an espresso. Is your dress shirt on right, where the *TEET!* is my coffee, is it going to rain today and thus should I pack extra socks in case the water leaks in through my worn out heels, did i just spill coffee on myself, do i have enough time to load the new album onto my i-music-listening-device-4, and such. BRUNCH however…aaaahh “brunch”…be it in a quiet loft on S11th Brooklyn, or in a noisy cafe in Paris, brunch can span all day. Relaxing, it’s an experience of several hours with mega loads of caffeine infusion and food enough to kill an elephant. And the word BRUNCH automatically gives you the excuse to look conveniently knackered and creatively disheveled. On the plus side, visually, brunch is far more appealing as it needs to question your optical interest for a far longer period of time. Brunch chefs – bonne courage! Please note that if the above information contained extremely opinionated information, I take no responsibility if the reader comes to harm. If opinions clash or connect, please leave a comment for future consideration. Merci et bonne journée